Stalag Luft I Barth – English

Welcome to our web-portal about Stalag Luft I. During WW II it was a prisoners of war (POW) camp for captured airmen of the British Royal Air Force, in which also aircrews of British Commonwealth countries and volunteer airmen from countries occupied by Germany served, as well as for the US Army Air Force, and for soldiers of the Soviet Army.

Here you will find information on the history and extent of the camp and about some former prisoners of war.

By order of the Red Army the buildings of the former Stalag Luft I were blown up after the war.
Today (2024), apart from the former main path running from south to north in Stalag Luft I, the area
is either farmland or forest. Along the main path, we have placed QR codes on small granite pillars
marking the various areas of the former camp, which link to this website. This allows visitors to find
out more about the history of Stalag Luft I, provided their smartphone or tablet has access to the
We recommend starting your tour in the south at the first granite pillar.

The following highly generalised map of the city of Barth marks the memorial sites and the citizens’ house with our exhibition.